Eurotopin s.r.o.

offers assembly and delivery of natural stone heating FREE around the Czech Republic

  • low running costs
  • electrical energy savings
  • long-term durability
  • fully automatic running
  • comfortable operation
  • easy assembly
  • minimal space requirement
  • long guarantee

We offer profesional consultation for free

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Advantages of our heating

  • It is based on the same principle as tile heater.
  • It is partially accumulative.
  • Does not stir up dust - it is suitable for those with allergies
  • Does not scorch air.
  • Gives out long-wave thermal radiation.
  • Keeps constant humidity 52-58%.
  • Stone heats up all types of buildings - plasterboard, wood, brick, stone.
  • Easy maintanance.
  • Can be combined with all other heating systems.
  • Dries walls.
  • Temperature in each room is adjustable.
  • Easy and fast assembly, no need for other construction work.
  • Can be easily removed and installed again when moving house.
  • Infra-heating
  • Saves energy (18% compared with all heating systems).
  • Saves energy (30-40% compared with convecction heating).
  • It is entirely ecological.
  • 14 years warranty.
  • Low investment.