• Annual running costs up to 40% lower than with convection heating
  • Annual running costs up to 30% lower than with gas heating
  • Compared with other heating systems: no maintenance costs
  • No need for new electric installation
  • Adjustable temperature in every room
  • 14 year guarantee
  • No boiler or coal room
  • No frozen heating
  • Partial accumulation

Natural stone heating with its partial accumulation easily bridges the time between periods of cheaper night-time electricity which means that the room temperature will be maintained.

Unbeliavable ENERGY SAVINGS: up to 40%!

Compared with standard heating the natural stone heating is not only more efficient in electrical energy usage but also in maintanance costs as there aren’t any with this type of heating.

With standard heating system you always get big heat losses during energy transfer (for example boiler rooms, chimneys, long pipes, convectors, air shafts and so on).