Dlouhovlnné tepelné záření z přírodního kamene

Long-wave heat radiation
from natural stone

EUROTOPIN, the natural stone heating, comes as an unconventional type of heating. We can find its radiant heat on the floor, ceiling or walls.

Heat radiation permeates equally the whole room and brings with it beneficial heat. Thanks to this system the temperature difference in the room is no higher than 3°C. Equal heat distribution saves up to 18% of energy.

Konvenční topení

onventional heating

Standard heating only heats air in the near vicinity of the radiator. Warm air rises up to the ceiling, where the air gets colder and drops back to the floor, where it gets picked up by the warmer air from the radiator and sent to the ceiling again.

Thanks to this air circulation the temperature difference between floor and ceiling can be up to 15°C. What does that mean in reality? Hot head, cold feet, circulation of allergens.