Partially accumulative heating system from natural stone EUROTOPIN – bargain alternative of heating

Heating based on long-wave heat radiation has been known since ancient Roman times – stone, clay and later tile stove brought and still bring beneficial heat.

Heating based on heat waves is as old as fire, stone, clay and later tile stove being used by people, as they all gave out heat that is still so needed.

The first apparent central heating was the Romans‘ hypocaust heating. This heating worked on the basis of heatwave heating considering the natural way of life and healthy living. Today the long forgotten methods of heating are coming back to our houses and apartments. The advantage of natural stone heating is achieving healthy, beneficial and energy saving heat.

It is proved that we feel warm if the sum total of the air and wall temperatures is 39°C.

stěny teplejší než vzduch

When we walk into a room where the walls are warmer than air we can feel warm even with lower air temperature.

  ohřátý jen vzduch a stěny jsou chladné

When we walk into a room where air is warmed up and the walls are cold we feel cold, so we have to heat the room up to higher temperature.


Natural stone heating EUROTOPIN warms up other bodies in the room up to 8,5 m away.

Wall surface temperature is higher than air temperature. Condensation point is closer to that outside which means no condensation on the walls.

Dry walls
Healthy living

Due to wall temperature the walls dry out, air is clean, doesn’t circulate and stir up dust. Temperature difference between floor and ceiling is max. 3°C. Stone also functions as sponge, when getting warmer it gives out humidity to the room and vice versa. That constantly keeps room humidity between 52-58%.

vlhkost v místnosti 52-58%.

Condensation point is a place where air humidity changes into water droplets.