Assembly and connection to electrical installation, setting in operation can be done by expert company only!


Installation of partially accumulative natural stone heating EUROTOPIN is very easy. Panels get mounted to the wall or ceiling with two to four special brackets which are part of an accessory kit. These brackets also allow mounting to flammable base (wood etc.), when an air gap of 3,5 cm between panel and base gets created. Maximum surface temperature is 90°C. Heating gets connected to electricity through electrical junction box or distribution unit. Supply voltage is 230V/50Hz.

One of the advantages of natural stone heating EUROTOPIN is also the fact that you can buy and install the heating panels gradually, when you need them.

Next advantage is space saving. Small depth of the panel (6,5 cm) from a wall will save you space. There is no need for more than 60 cm on the sides. Any objects can be situated at and from that distance. If you choose natural stone heating over storage heater you will gain cca 1 m2 of space.

Together with energy savings and high quality you also conserve the enviroment.

(No chemicals are used in manufacturing. The only cooling medium used while cutting stone is water.)



It is not a heating system with a heating foil at the back of the panel!


For assembly you need:

  • hammer drill
  • 10 mm drill
  • pencil
  • two wall plugs
  • screwdriver
  • hammer
  • no.13 spanner
  • accurate spirit level

Natural stone heating is fully ecological.

Easy assembly, investment costs comparable with usual heating, low running costs, virtually unlimited lifespan and high technical standard of heating make natural stone heating EUROTOPIN highly effective and perspective product.