Stone Samples

the type that you like the best and one that will suit your home the best. It is possible to use other types of stones.

Variations in colours of delivered stones are natural.

Thanks to heat pressure and earth core movement the materials of stone formed into a solid regular mineral.


This process lasted several million of years.Marble is a precious building material that charmed not only artists and architects in the antique period, but is very popular in the modern days as well. In architecture marble soon became known as a building material for its elegance, colour and grain.

In the antique period marble was used for big areas which represent luxury and wealth. Desire for luxury was more important than comfortable living. We think that we found the optimum solution for marble as a building material: use marble not only for big areas, but also as a beautiful interior accessory.

Marble for interior architecture is tastefully used by EUROTOPIN, partially accumulative heating from natural stone, which brings not only heat but beauty too.

In a place, where there was once just an unsightly sheet-metal radiator is now a beautiful grainy marble plate EUROTOPIN, bringing not only heat but also a piece of nature with beautiful sounding names:Nuvolato, Thasos or Blue Pearl.

Tvary kamene

Thanks to the technology of heating cables being milled-in into granite or marble panels it is possible to make any shape and put modern spotlights on it.

When designing the shape of the heating the output - area ratio must be maintained.


Something from our portfolio: ceiling assembly