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Warranty and warranty service

Natural stone heating Eurotopin goes through a complete quality control and functionality check before being delivered to customer. If there were still problems with functionality, call our information centre, contact on this page.


Warranty will not be accepted without warranty certificate.


There is a 7 year warranty on functioning of heating elements + 7 year free service.

Beginning of warranty

Warranty begins with goods delivery to customer.

Warranty extends by the amount of time it takes to settle a claim.

Ask your dealer for correctly filled in and signed certificate of warranty with sales record on delivery.

Product can be assembled only by person fully instructed and trained.


The most important things in short:

Important: Heat radiation permeates evenly.

Small electrical consumption is based on even distribution of heat. Set room thermostats to suit your needs and leave them the same way even at night. That way you get the optimal consumption. Quality, no maintainance. Easy assembly and installation.


After setting thermostats to desired temperature you don't have to do anything else. The heating system does the rest alone.


Do not leave near the heating panel: petrol, thinners, paint and other easily flammable substances. Never put things directly on the panel to dry - FIRE HAZARD.

To prevent overheating do not cover panels.

Cleaning and maintainance

All you need for cleaning and maintainance is a damp cloth. Never use cleaning products such as scouring powder, detergents etc.. Natural stone heating does not need maintainance.

Heating handover

Explain operation, maintainance and your experiences that will help with trouble-free operation.

In case of connection box damage, this box must be delivered by manufacturer or authorised service agent to prevent possible further damage.

In case of unauthorised assembly the warranty will be void.

If you decide to send us the product for warranty service do not forget to enclose the warranty certificate.

Stone panel is a natural product so colour variations or grains are not a reason for warranty claim.

Warranty claim is only valid for products with our identification.

Damage caused by chemical or electrochemical reaction cannot be claimed.

On delivery check integrity and consistency of goods. In case of damage contact our company immediately.

If you find damage caused by transport contact us immediately.

In case of guarantee repair dismantling, transport and re-assembling are free. If you decide to send us product for guarantee repair the cost of transport will be refunded.

To download

Instruction manual for assembly and use and warranty certificate